2Rosalyn Smith is a Gospel singer and author whose lifelong vision is to touch as many
people’s lives as possible through uplifting messages, creativity, and spirituality. Hailing
from Michigan, she currently calls Tennessee home.

From a young age, the calling of music ran deep. Rosalyn’s ministry upbringing also
inspired her to delve into the spiritual side of music. As she continued to hone her
musical skills, her unique style took shape. Today, her songs are a melodic fusion of
jazz, gospel, pop, and R&B. Along the way, her primary inspirations have been legends
of both past and present, from Ella Fitzgerald to Tori Kelly.

Teaming up Creative Soul Records was all in divine timing. She yearned to connect with
a creative outlet that allowed her to speak her truth and stumbled upon a workshop that
they hosted. Once she attended, she knew, with absolute certainty, that this was the
path she was meant to follow. Ultimately, the scripture Psalm 91 came to be in her life,
and “My Covering” was the result, which is a song her producer wrote based off of her

After performing at an array of special events, Rosalyn Smith is now meticulously
working on her new EP. She also produces audio recordings and authors children’s